Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheesy friendship quotes and virgin mimosa's

As you are well aware Christmas is upon us! This time of year is a time for getting together with people we love and having a good 'ole time. Recently I held a dinner party in a string of soirees for some of my friends. They arrived dressed to the nines, drank my cleverly named "poinetta mimosas" and munched on brie and olives. I got my friends each a christmas present and I think the candy kaladosiecope I got for my friend Laur was the biggest hit seeing as she never put it down once she opened it. Frequently you would hear shouts like; "this one looks like a penis!" or "awww what a pretty flower!" our obvious responses were; "wow, lemmie see!" or "oh my god! your right!" after a few hours our party dispersed and faced with a pile of dishes equal to mount everest I began to think about two things; 1. how it was possible for four people to create such a mess and 2. how great my friends were! How many people do you know who would shave their legs in the middle of winter and dress up to trek to your house on one of your whims? Either I have something really good on them or my friends are a special breed! Well I've written enough, Happy Christmas everybody!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love's like a fools tattoo

So friday night my friend got us tickets to see one of my favourite bands Bedouin Soudclash at the Sound Academy. This band is close to my heart because it's just so good and they're from Toronto! Although my feet were stuck to the ground most of the night and I left smelling like the inside of a keg, it was totally worth it! The energy at the show was insane people we're singing along to every song and having a blast. I definitely recommend checking out all their music including their newest album; "Light the Horizon".


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It takes a long time to grow young.

So yesterday was my birthday! The whole weekend was wonderful surprise after wonderful surprise. Saturday when I arrived home, I was ambushed by a group of my friends throwing me a surprise party! Then Sunday on the pretence of going to a downtown flea market I was instead brought to sassafraz an AMAZING downtown restaurant, where I was treated to lunch and got what I thought was my present, a great scrapbook of memories of the four of us. Then monday I was surprised with a third gift of brand new Hunter boots! My friends are the cats pyjamas and I would like to thank them dearly for all their love and kindness!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love your city.

I love my city! It's such a great place, everyone who doesn't live here likes to make fun of it and call it scary and dangerous but really, at least we don't have men driving their lawn tractor's along Younge St! When I saw this city view downtown I liked how honest it was, growing from the smaller stone building into the shinny glass buildings. It's not breath-taking but it make you look. Then to top it off while I was out for a run (yes I do that now) i saw this storage unit graffitied from top to bottom, I just couldn't get over how interesting this city is, just touches that people use to make it their own. It's just a constant reminder that this city is our home.


Monday, October 11, 2010

A few of my favourite things.

There is just something about Thanksgiving that makes everyone so happy and optimistic! I just can't help but smile when I see all the beautiful colours and smell all the tantalizingly delicious smells of the holiday. I spent mine at my cottage and as always had the time of my life! Because the fall just makes me so happy I thought I would make a list of things that make me happy just because having something like that always makes me feel really good.

1. Crisp fall days
2. Chocolate milk
3. My cat
4. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face
5. Taking pretty pictures
6. a good cup of tea
7. My friends
8. Wool sweaters
9. Chivarly
10.Anything written by Cabriel Garcia Marquez

Here are some pictures I took from this weekend, I was more focused on enjoying the weather and my company but here they are!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees

The colour of autum is just starting to show itself in bright firey flashes of red and gold. Today though the changes of autum have yet to properly set in, I captured a few trees ahead of the rest, glowing with a confounding beauty that takes my breath away.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A picture is a poem without words.

Here are a few pictures I took of a maze we went to while we were in Dover, England. Not much to say, I just got a tad over excited walking through the maze. My friend Amira looked great in the shots. Here are a few, Enjoy!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

No amount of darkness can hide a spark.

Dreary weather and crisp winds can only get you down for so long, then the beauty of fall overtakes you. I took a trip out of the city again today (there is just something about me and small towns)! This time it was to the ever so quaint village of Warkworth! I just walked up and down the downtown street taking pictures of what looked like it was straight out of a story book! There was a man selling his art there, and I really liked what he had done it reminded me fondly of the beauty of fall. I tried my best to capture the beauty of my autum adventure!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainbow's apologize for angry skies.

Well this was a surprise. Just as I was coming to grips with the fact that summer vacation was over, the cold sneaks up behind me and pounces with all it's mighty winds and dreary days. One minute I'm bouncing around in shorts and a t-shirt the next I'm wearing a wool hat and bundled up in my duvet watching the rain pound against my window. Fret not though with all this time inside I have re-discovered the beauty of the blanket! The other day we took a trip up north out of the big city (terrifying I know) I, thinking we would have beautiful summer weather, dressed in a bikini and cover-up packing a hoodie "just in case" (Famous last words if you ask me). The whole time we were there I was wrapped in a blanket, and getting strange looks from the towns folk! The area we were in was so picturesque that I braved the cold to get some pictures of the lake. Oh Mother Nature how you show your love stumps me sometimes!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunny days long past

So summer is coming to a close, and in mourning of the occasion I managed to harass my friend Emily into lending me some pictures she took of a BBQ I held at my house. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. I'm sorry to say that summer is nearly over it's been such a nice one so many memories were made, relationships were made and broken, but in the end we are all still young.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My pal Laur.

So the summer is coming to a close and I've come to notice that my pal Laur has been feeling a bit down lately. Now don't fret I won't be doing this every time but I think this will cheer her up. Laur has been one of my best friends for years, she's hilarious and I love her to bits. Now if you don't know her too well I'll tell you a bit about her; She goes by the name Maximillion of late (shortened to Max), She is an excellent cook, she is mischievous and inconspicuous, and when it all comes down to it she will cause chaos. She is an amazing soccer player and her swag is complete. Chin up Laur, when life gives you lemons say screw you and exchange them for chocolate chip banana muffins!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Your songs remind me of swimming.

So as I promised some Iceland pictures! Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, I cannot imagine why it isn't a more popular vacation site! Everything about it is refreshing and crisp and new. The lava fields and great expanses of green, stretch for what seems like forever. Great mountains rise up surrounded by clouds and mist, I was in a waking dream.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happiness hit her like a train on a track.

So yes yes I was gone for three weeks and I up and left without any warning, but I'm back! I went to England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and ICELAND! who would have thought?! I am only posting pictures from London but Iceland pictures are to come! I can't express the joy travel gives me! I wish everyone could experience the world, but alas that is not the case. Here are the pictures, I won't bore you with my rambles.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your crazy but you amaze me.

So after a two week break without internet, a proper washing machine or cable, I am back. I spent two weeks at my beloved cottage and managed to forget my camera charger. I did take some good pictures of my dear old cottage. It was built almost 60 years ago as a one year wedding anniversary gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother. There were an original group of friends The O'Brien's (me), The Jeffery's (old family friends) and The Quirk's (Old family friends) They helped each other built three cottage's and every time I look at my I see a love letter from a young man to a young woman. Something that's held up through the years and stood the test of time. Even now we are still friends with the Quirk's and Jeffery's and generations come and go my grandfather's love and devotion never leaves. I only took pictures of the inside because it is the hub of activities for the youth of the island. There are small little things that just stick out and make you smile. Here are just a few to (hopefully) put a grin on your face.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silk, Gold and Leather.

Yesterday I went on a pilgrimage downtown to the Eaton Centre, I went with my friend Dakota not thinking I would buy anything, but I stumbled upon this beautiful silk shirt dress on sale at none other than Urban Outfitters! I couldn't pass it up. There is no reason for me to buy something like this in this weather but the uselessness of this item made me need it more if anything. I also discovered after the fact that I could wear it to the dinner gala I'm headed to when I leave for Europe in just over two weeks. When I got home I was inspired and set about finding other secret gems I could use on my trip. I found a great long gold chain that I hung with a collaboration of pendants and rings, and I great black leather belt with these big circular silver things. I hope this extreme heat will pass soon so that I can wear my shirt dress! Here are my less that stunning pictures of more than stunning items.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Queen is coming

Hello hello I am so sorry for the lack of regular posts but I have just been out of the range of wireless internet for so long. I got back from my cottage today and I have to say it was wonderful. Though I saw most of it through the lense of a camera. The weather has been steamy and hot, and aside from almost flashing the people on my dock while trying to mount a tube and having lost a turquoise earring to the depths and darkness of the lake, I have nothing to complain about. Even the fact that I can't move at a pace faster than a turtle on account of how stiff my legs are from tubing can't taint my excitement with life. Here are a few of the pictures I took at my cottage, I hope the magic isn't lost on you.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh what a dream.

So sitting here at the ungodly hour of 8:23 on a summer vacation morning, having just being awoken by a thundering of people on the stairs and a craving for coffee known only to few, I realized I have yet to post anything on the blog this week. This thought followed directly after by the realization that I have done very little else than watch every marathon on TV and eat an obscene amount of Reece Puffs. Now you must be saying to yourself; "what about the protesting"? Well all that the protesting has done for me, is make me miss two sales downtown and have to cancel rock climbing with my friends. I took these less than fantastic pictures awhile ago and didn't plan to post them but with little else to post, here is the post that wasn't going to be. The After Show is on of my favourite TV shows it comes on after the Hills and the City (which are two Mtv shows), and the hosts Dan and Jessi talk about the gossip and drama from the show as well as pop culture and they occasionally have celebrity guests. Now my friend Liona and I got tickets to be in the audience and were ecstatic! We couldn't wait, the countdown was written everywhere. When we got there, it wasn't what we expected, but still a great show! All I have to say is that there is a difference between an enthusiastic crowd and an obnoxious one. This one was obnoxious. Here are the less than Scott Schuman level pictures I took.