Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh what a dream.

So sitting here at the ungodly hour of 8:23 on a summer vacation morning, having just being awoken by a thundering of people on the stairs and a craving for coffee known only to few, I realized I have yet to post anything on the blog this week. This thought followed directly after by the realization that I have done very little else than watch every marathon on TV and eat an obscene amount of Reece Puffs. Now you must be saying to yourself; "what about the protesting"? Well all that the protesting has done for me, is make me miss two sales downtown and have to cancel rock climbing with my friends. I took these less than fantastic pictures awhile ago and didn't plan to post them but with little else to post, here is the post that wasn't going to be. The After Show is on of my favourite TV shows it comes on after the Hills and the City (which are two Mtv shows), and the hosts Dan and Jessi talk about the gossip and drama from the show as well as pop culture and they occasionally have celebrity guests. Now my friend Liona and I got tickets to be in the audience and were ecstatic! We couldn't wait, the countdown was written everywhere. When we got there, it wasn't what we expected, but still a great show! All I have to say is that there is a difference between an enthusiastic crowd and an obnoxious one. This one was obnoxious. Here are the less than Scott Schuman level pictures I took.


Monday, June 21, 2010

You know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico.

Well I haven't exactly been to Mexico but I have spent the last four days at my friend Laura's cottage. I just got back today and I cannot express how much I love this time of year! The weather has been beautiful and I was able to snag some really great shots! Now that I am officially done school for the year I have time to relax and kick back, and after watching "Pirate Radio" my friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to get some 60's chic clothes. It is my personal wish to find a maxi dress, I love them SO much and I just can't seem to find a flattering one within my budget! If you haven't seen "Pirate Radio" it is a fantastic movie and Tom Sturridge is a fantastic actor, not to mention he has AMAZING cheek bones! I leave you now with a few nice snap shots I took while I was at the cottage!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries

In this case I think I would take the cherries but black birds are great too! The weather lately has been a bit iffy, but today my mother, sister and I went out to pick strawberries and although it was a bit rainy we got three big buckets filled. Also we found a few strawberries in our back garden that hadn't been eating by the squirrels! To make this day even nicer the sky didn't open up until we were heading back. The other day my neighbour dropped off some cherries that she had picked from her cherry tree, I cannot believe how tasty they were! I have a feeling that this year we are going to have an abundance of fruit and good times. I cannot wait until exams are over! I have to run I have an eclair calling my name and a whole pill of study sheets to go over! Here are some pictures I took of the fruit we picked!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

I longed for you like the moon pulls the tide.

So today my friend Liona and I went to go see a ballet, but it wasn't just one single "fuddy-duddy" Ballet. This ballet had three in one, Pur Ti Miro, Opus 19/The dreamer and West side story. Now I have seen my fair share of ballets in my life time but Pur ti Miro choreographed by Jome Elo and assisted by Nancy Euverink is one of the best performances I have seen in my life period. As well as being amazing Choreographers they are lovers. This ballet is a love letter from Jome to Nancy. There are five couples who show different sides of their relationship through dance. I cannot explain what beauty I saw. I didn't think I would be taking any pictures so I didn't bring a camera. I tried the internet for pictures of Pur ti Miro but it's such a new ballet there are none. Here are some pictures from the other two ballets I saw.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Kissed me in the rain by the Rue Voltaire, It's a perfectly good way to ruin those silk shoes.

So on my last post I mentioned a great pair of earrings I bought, my friend Liona bought a pair as well. The line is called "MoDigs" and the designer is a really cute little store clerk who has a whole line! When I got home I couldn't help but rave about them to anyone who would listen and I harassed my friend Liona into sending me a picture of her earrings so that I could show you the utter beauty that is "MoDigs". Then to complete this utterly magical day I got home and made myself a "red salad" comprised of cherries, strawberries and rasberries! Mmmmmm!