Thursday, September 1, 2011


"Alright, now I need to know everything." "Are you ready to continue?"
"Now please state your name." Said Officer Stevens a kindly middle aged police officer who had worked for the force for nearly 20 years. It had now been three hours since Dennis Meyer had committed suicide, and police were trying to piece together the details. This was the first of three interviews that Flora Meyer would have with Officer Stevens.
"Flora M-Marie M-Meyer" She said beween sniffles.
"Thank you Flora, now please can you tell me wether you remember your brother acting strange or out of sorts the last few days, maybe weeks leading up to this morning's events?"
Officer Stevens however kind and caring he chose to act, considered suicide an act of cowardice and a thing of shame and saw very little point in interviewing the bereaved sister just hours after the event.
"N-no I d-didn't." Said Flora mopping her bloodshot eyes.
"There, there" Said Officer Stevens patting her shoulder awkwardly.
"Only a few more questions and you can be on your way." "Now." he said in what he assumed to be a commanding but paternal voice; "Did your brother have any enemies? Anybody he owed money to? Did he do drugs or drink?" Officer Stevens asked, his bright blue eyes boring into her for answers.
Flora stopped sniffling and looked into the officers eyes with her own defiant brown eyes and said with more conviction than she had had all morning; "My b-brother was the kindest and most loving boy I knew and he just this morning threw himself off a balcony with a noose around his neck, and your asking me if anyone murdered him?!" Flora cried out, looking rather wild Officer Stevens thought to himself.