Sunday, June 6, 2010

I longed for you like the moon pulls the tide.

So today my friend Liona and I went to go see a ballet, but it wasn't just one single "fuddy-duddy" Ballet. This ballet had three in one, Pur Ti Miro, Opus 19/The dreamer and West side story. Now I have seen my fair share of ballets in my life time but Pur ti Miro choreographed by Jome Elo and assisted by Nancy Euverink is one of the best performances I have seen in my life period. As well as being amazing Choreographers they are lovers. This ballet is a love letter from Jome to Nancy. There are five couples who show different sides of their relationship through dance. I cannot explain what beauty I saw. I didn't think I would be taking any pictures so I didn't bring a camera. I tried the internet for pictures of Pur ti Miro but it's such a new ballet there are none. Here are some pictures from the other two ballets I saw.



  1. jorma hun.

    i found a picture that i will send to you of pur ti miro

  2. That's not what it said in the program book deary...Thanks for the pic though! tell your friends!