Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheesy friendship quotes and virgin mimosa's

As you are well aware Christmas is upon us! This time of year is a time for getting together with people we love and having a good 'ole time. Recently I held a dinner party in a string of soirees for some of my friends. They arrived dressed to the nines, drank my cleverly named "poinetta mimosas" and munched on brie and olives. I got my friends each a christmas present and I think the candy kaladosiecope I got for my friend Laur was the biggest hit seeing as she never put it down once she opened it. Frequently you would hear shouts like; "this one looks like a penis!" or "awww what a pretty flower!" our obvious responses were; "wow, lemmie see!" or "oh my god! your right!" after a few hours our party dispersed and faced with a pile of dishes equal to mount everest I began to think about two things; 1. how it was possible for four people to create such a mess and 2. how great my friends were! How many people do you know who would shave their legs in the middle of winter and dress up to trek to your house on one of your whims? Either I have something really good on them or my friends are a special breed! Well I've written enough, Happy Christmas everybody!


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