Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainbow's apologize for angry skies.

Well this was a surprise. Just as I was coming to grips with the fact that summer vacation was over, the cold sneaks up behind me and pounces with all it's mighty winds and dreary days. One minute I'm bouncing around in shorts and a t-shirt the next I'm wearing a wool hat and bundled up in my duvet watching the rain pound against my window. Fret not though with all this time inside I have re-discovered the beauty of the blanket! The other day we took a trip up north out of the big city (terrifying I know) I, thinking we would have beautiful summer weather, dressed in a bikini and cover-up packing a hoodie "just in case" (Famous last words if you ask me). The whole time we were there I was wrapped in a blanket, and getting strange looks from the towns folk! The area we were in was so picturesque that I braved the cold to get some pictures of the lake. Oh Mother Nature how you show your love stumps me sometimes!


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