Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silk, Gold and Leather.

Yesterday I went on a pilgrimage downtown to the Eaton Centre, I went with my friend Dakota not thinking I would buy anything, but I stumbled upon this beautiful silk shirt dress on sale at none other than Urban Outfitters! I couldn't pass it up. There is no reason for me to buy something like this in this weather but the uselessness of this item made me need it more if anything. I also discovered after the fact that I could wear it to the dinner gala I'm headed to when I leave for Europe in just over two weeks. When I got home I was inspired and set about finding other secret gems I could use on my trip. I found a great long gold chain that I hung with a collaboration of pendants and rings, and I great black leather belt with these big circular silver things. I hope this extreme heat will pass soon so that I can wear my shirt dress! Here are my less that stunning pictures of more than stunning items.


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