Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your crazy but you amaze me.

So after a two week break without internet, a proper washing machine or cable, I am back. I spent two weeks at my beloved cottage and managed to forget my camera charger. I did take some good pictures of my dear old cottage. It was built almost 60 years ago as a one year wedding anniversary gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother. There were an original group of friends The O'Brien's (me), The Jeffery's (old family friends) and The Quirk's (Old family friends) They helped each other built three cottage's and every time I look at my I see a love letter from a young man to a young woman. Something that's held up through the years and stood the test of time. Even now we are still friends with the Quirk's and Jeffery's and generations come and go my grandfather's love and devotion never leaves. I only took pictures of the inside because it is the hub of activities for the youth of the island. There are small little things that just stick out and make you smile. Here are just a few to (hopefully) put a grin on your face.