Monday, May 14, 2012

The End.

He came back upstairs then, and she tried to hug him but when he flinched away she punched him, twice, then letting her rage slip out for a moment, she slapped him too. He just stood there and took it though, what did he care? he just walked back downstairs. She followed him again and immediately brought him back upstairs. This time she really did hug him, but while they were holding each other he tried to push her over the railing to the floor below, but she was able to grip the railing just in time, so he slammed her into the lockers instead, then he began to tighten his grip around her neck, until the point where she was feeling light headed and was gasping for air, suddenly he stopped, and they began to kiss but soon he let go and fled towards the tracks for a third time. When she finally coaxed him back upstairs she tried to hug him once again, to retrieve the intimacy and strength she felt in his arms, but he just pulled away. This was the final straw knowing that she couldn't have him anymore and knowing that he didn't love her anymore was like being shot in the gut, and she just sunk down against the lockers, all the fight drawn out of her. He didn't seem to notice her change in demeanour and grabbed the two duffle bags and rummaged through them as she had done, he finally looked up at her and said; "You would steal my cigarettes you whore." and left her forever.

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