Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The couple.

She wasn't beautiful, she didn't have long flowing hair or fair skin or eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. She was just her, but he couldn't see that. Not in the poetic sense, he was physically blind. 100% blind since he was a baby, he'd never seen anything but black. he relied on a walking stick, seeing eye dog and people's descriptions of things.
She had described herself to him using every ideal she wished she was, she was slim and willowy with long blonde hair and bright sparkling blue eyes and he drank in every word. They would spend hours lying together in the grass holding hands talking about whatever. Just enjoying the long summer days, ignoring the oppressive heat of the city. They got along so well and they were soon almost inseparable.
One day while they were lying together in the park he began to stroke her head and said; "I love you beautiful, I can't see you, but I know that you're perfect." Her eyes began to well up as he continued; "I wish I could see you, that's what I wish most, my dream is to wake up in the morning and see your face lying there next to me." She couldn't take it, she began to weep, right there in the park, snot and mascara running down her face, which became swollen and distorted from so much crying.
He sat up immediately trying to console her; "baby whats wrong?" He said; "talk to me, what's the problem?! Please is it something I said?!"
"No." She said calming down; "It's me, I don't deserve you, I lied to you, I'm not beautiful, I'm not perfect, I'm just me." She said staring off into the distance. He sat up trying to look at her, but staring somewhere above her head; "I don't give a shit what you look like, I can't even see you, all I know is that I love you and that's all that counts for me, that's all that should count for you too."
"Yeah, well you'd feel differently if you saw me." She said in a flat tone and she got up and walked away, ignoring his desperate panicky calls for her to comeback. She never saw him again and spent the rest of the summer posting angsty GIF's on Tumblr.


  1. hahahah bean i loled at the hasty ending.... but seriously you should finish it as a commentary on beauty ideals and what not, that's where i thought it was going and i was intrigued!

  2. i appreciate the idea, but i used it as a way to vent my anger thats why i ended it with something a little sad and ridiculous, figured i could try to make it real and relatable instead of trying to preach a moral.