Friday, February 3, 2012

A fragile age.

"I'm so sorry." Officer Stephens said, he didn't know what to say, nothing seemed to even come close. He stood in the threshold holding his hat in his hands, wringing the the sides. How could a family suffer so much in one day? It was inconceivable, why was he even here? What help could he possibly be?
Mrs. Meyer and Flora stood their lifeless, staring at the helpless awkward man in front of them. What was he doing here? What help was he to anyone? Dennis, now Martin? Something had died along with them that day, and no amount of detective work would bring it back.
"This doesn't seem like the appropriate time, but when you are ready, could I perhaps ask you some questions?" Officer Stephen's said.
"I'm ready now." Said Flora she hand't said a word until now.
"Please, I-I understand that you'll need time, I-I shouldn't have come, I'll come back another time-"
"I killed him." Flora shouted, interrupting Officer Stephen's, she was completely calm, only shouting to be heard over his stuttering.
"Please dear, don't be guilty, you couldn't have done a thing, what your father did was completely his fault." Her mother said soothingly.
"Not him, Dennis." Flora said, "He thought he was special, he thought he could do things other people couldn't, so I dared him, be like Houdini, prove yourself, but I knew that he was a fake, I drove him to it anyway. I walked away and he struggled and flailed and gasped for breath, but it was done. I left the note and the dog found his body." Flora finished her tirade.
Silence. The all at once Mrs. Meyer screamed and slapped her, the sting was harsh and made her eyes water, Officer Stephens was on her at once and before she knew it, was in the back of a police cruiser.
Everything happened so fast. She had been under arrest for 1 hour when she heard, her mother had killed herself, fastened a hose from the exhaust pipe into the car, and let life drift away. She sat in silence when she heard the news, then the voice spoke, the one who had been with her for a year or so now, it said; "you're next".

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