Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Secret.

'Where did you find the suicide note?"
"How do you know there was a suicide note?"
"Just tell me."
"It was on the bedside table, do you really need to know all of this?"
"I need to know everything."
Dennis Meyer had been dead exactly one hour before their neighbour's the Morrison's dog found him, hanging from the balcony railing swaying in the wind.
Deborah and Martin Meyer weren't the type of people you expected to have a suicidal son. Martin Meyer was an accountant, coached a swim team in his spare time and didn't have any weird fascinations with little children. he didn't beat his wife or kids and aside from the odd spliff in his college days didn't touch drugs. Deborah Meyer the highschool teacher, wasn't overly controlling of her children's lives and rarely touched anything stronger than tea except on New Year's where she famously knocked over the record player. Deborah and Martin were the rare exception in a couple who still loved each other after 16 years of marriage and two kids.

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