Friday, May 20, 2011

The confession.

It was late. They were both sitting in her living room, chatting about the weather. The sherry was making them both more friendly. She crinkled her nose as she giggled at something he said. Some of the sparkle in his eyes had returned. As she giggled he stopped talking and stared at her intensely. "What?" she said mischievously. "I used to love it when you did that." He said staring at her so intently she had to look away. "Why did you come here?" She asked suddenly, still avoiding his gaze. "Because...when I heard...I needed to see you...I could't help it..." He stammered, "I thought we could be together now..I lo-", "SHUT UP!!" she screamed, standing up quickly. "You don't love me you don't!"
"Yes I do, We can be together now, I thought it had all worked out." He said quietly grabbing her hands. "I love you I always have." he burst out finally.

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