Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello my name is Finn. Im not quite sure how to say this but... I'm your son

Spring has sprung and people are getting giddy with the warmth of the sun. As we thaw from this dreary winter people seem to be losing their marbles. As an example of this, our good friend Quiche wrote a letter to Emily admitting that her name was Finn and that she is her son. Oh mano how I love this spring time madness!!!


  1. hi guys. So i had to make a google account to do this. You're welcome.
    That may be why people don't comment. It certainly isn't because of the blog because i love it. Especially that lily is referred to as the big cheese.
    love quiche.

  2. sorry i forgot to say lilly that is a great headscarf.
    and the snow................ i was out side playing rugby when is started snowing it was no fun where were you guys when it started snowing?